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Community Center 



Create a safe environment to children for constructive activities

Offer an emergency shelter to victims of natural disasters

Provide employment opportunities to local community

Every community deserves a safe place

to learn and grow




Most children in Haiti are not encouraged to develop a love of sports and arts; especially young girls in rural areas who are often steered towards household shores instead of being enrolled in school or other physical and leisure activities. The center offers opportunities for children to be more creative and active instead of being left to figure out how to fill their time.


Recent national disasters showed that one critical resource that is missing in Haiti is the availability of shelters for the urgent accommodation of victims. The 2021 earthquake that was immediately followed by a storm cause thousands of people to spend sleepless nights outdoors in the rain and mud. The center will serve as an emergency shelter in case of natural disasters.


The high unemployment rate in Haiti is one of the many factors affecting the economy and the stability of the country. The center is meant to provide employment opportunities to teachers, coaches, and maintenance and support personnel that will team up to run the facility. It will also encourage talented artisans and artist to launch entrepreneurial ventures that will stimulate the local economy.

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