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The art program offers classes in music, traditional arts & crafts, visual and performing arts. Students have the opportunity to learn how to play an instrument and/or express their creativity through visual arts classes, web design, painting and drawing classes or by taking drama and creative speech classes. 


​Soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis are only a few of the sport activities offered by the program. EdukAyiti is also dedicated to the promotion of the Haitian culture and will link art and sport to offer classes in Folklore. 

Lunch ​

During the summer, as the children registered in the EdukAyiti program get involved in many physical and mental activities, they will also  feed their bodies and gain energy by having access to a  daily lunch program. The cafeteria will offer nutritional dishes to help boost energy and contribute to a healthier lifestyle. 

Education supplement

​EdukAyiti is determined to ensure that our children reaches acceptable levels of literacy proportional to their age group. A group of tutors offer the extra attention that the children need in order to gain or keep the appropriate abilities in reading, writing and mathematics. 


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