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​At EdukAyiti, we believe that the path to economic development begins with an investment in people. We are also convinced that well rounded people have the greatest impact on the world around them. This is why EdukAyiti has made its mission to empower the children of Haiti by offering them the opportunity to learn through arts and sports.​
The goal of EdukAyiti is to lift every child growing up in Haiti to help them reach their full potential by offering opportunities to explore and excel in an art or sport.  EdukAyiti is to team up with the Ministère de l'éducation to offer several activities to the children attending the primary and secondary schools and the children in the community close to these schools.
EdukAyiti contributes to the education of the children of Haiti through extracurricular activities made available after school, on weekends and during the summer. 
The program creates opportunities and offers a gateway to success. It provides a positive environment conducive to physical, intellectual and moral development. The children learn new skills, increase self-confidence, join a team and acquire discipline.
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